Company blog in a foreign language – what should you pay attention to?

Your company manages a popular blog that attracts traffic to your page and is also an important conversion channel. Nevertheless, it is written in Polish, and being encouraged by the success and effectiveness of this medium, you plan to reach foreign customers through such a blog. Before you start acting, it is worth taking into account several aspects. And we don’t mean translating each post separately. (more…)

Translating photo captions in terms of SEO – why is it important?

Nowadays, it is not easy to find a website with only text and without any graphics of images. Thanks to graphical elements, the content is more attractive and users are more eager to browse it; usually, graphical elements also contain additional information (e.g. diagrams or infographics), that are a supplement to an entry. This is why you should make sure that they can be received properly by any user.


Should translation be done internally at a company or should it be outsourced? Which solution is better?

At times of online communication being so popular as well as international business contacts and dynamic growth of various promotion channels, the global development of particular brands will no longer be a surprise to anyone, and even in some cases, it has become a must.

If you wish to communicate your brand in different languages, you will face a dilemma whether to employ specialists, who will be responsible for translation internally at the company, or to outsource such services. Let us compare the pros and cons of such solutions.