Frequently asked questions and answers

Written translation

How much does the translation cost and how can I get a free quote?

The price of a translation at depends on a number of factors. The length of the text plays a decisive role, as we price each order based on the number of words to be translated. The purpose of the text, the type of translation and the package you choose are also important. Translation rates start from net PLN 0.19 per word.

Requesting a free quote is simple. All you need to do is use our form. Find out how to do this >>>

What is a service level?

Receiving a free quote for translations requires selecting a service level. The one you choose will also affect the final price. At we offer translations in one of three levels: Economy, Business and Premium. Find out more about service levels >>>

What is subject of translation and why should you choose one?

We make sure that our translations are even better every day. By choosing the appropriate subject of the translation, you give us very valuable information so that we can select the best Translator for your project. Find out more about the subject of translation >>>

How long will I have to wait for the translation to be ready after placing my order?

We always try to deliver the translation as quickly as possible. Turnaround time depends on the volume of text and type of service. Typically, a translator needs about eight hours to translate six pages of plain text. For complex, technical project or sworn translations, this may take longer. Once the text has been uploaded, you can check the progress of each project in your user account.

Can I place an order for 3 translations in different language combinations at the same time?

Certainly! You can order any number of translations and in different language combinations at the same time.

What should I enter in the ‘comments’ field?

The field is designed for the customer to enter instructions for the file submitted for translation, e.g. “Please quote only the text highlighted in yellow” or “please translate only up to page 4”.

Can I ask for a quick translation if I have a very short deadline?

Cooperation with 1,000s of translators and native speakers makes it possible to prioritise every job. We do not charge extra for fast service.

How will I know that my translation is ready?

You can easily check the status of projects in your user account. You will also receive an email and an text message when your order is prepared and completed.

Do you translate during weekends and holidays?

Our translators are flexible, so you can send your order at any time – we will process it as quickly as possible.

Translation with WPML

What is WPML?

WPML is a plug-in for creating a multilingual website hosted on WordPress.

What does WPML translation with involve?

Above all, we provide a convenient translation of a website, which is based on the WordPress system. The WPML plug-in is a solution that significantly simplifies the entire translation process. You will receive a free licence when you cooperate with us. A lifetime licence.

Do I need to purchase a WPML licence?

This is not necessary. When ordering translations in, we also provide a free Multilingual CMS license of the WPML plugin. It only applies to the website we are translating.

How do I get a free WPML licence?

All you need to do is order a translation from us and indicate the website you want translated. We will take care of the rest, and look after all your translation-related needs.

Certified translation

How can I get a free quote for a certified translation?

The price of a certified translation depends on a number of factors. It is determined both by the language pair, the type of document and, above all, the number of translation pages. This last component has the greatest impact on how much you will ultimately pay for a certified translation. We provide certified (sworn) translations from net PLN 49 per one page of translation (1125 characters with spaces).

Requesting a free quote is simple. All you need to do is use our convenient form. Find out how to do this >>>

How do I order a translation of car documents?

At you can easily and conveniently order a translation of car documents. You do not need to send us the originals, just send us a scan to This will be enough for our Translator to start the certified translation. Find out how to do it step by step >>>.

Where should I send documents for certified translation?

You do not need to send us your documents by post to carry out a certified translation – scans are sufficient. We offer a comfortable co-operation model that ensures your convenience on the one hand and express translation services on the other. Find out how such projects are processed at >>>.

How can I order an apostille certificate?

An apostille is an official certification of a document that is currently respected in 117 countries that are party to the Hague Convention. You can find the full list of countries here. This clause is granted in Poland by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and, in the case of diplomas from schools and art academies, by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. To obtain it, you will need a certified translation. Find out how to obtain an apostille-certified document with >>>.

What documents require a sworn translation?

Certification by a sworn translator is required for the following documents: birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, contracts for the purchase and sale of real estate, vehicle documents, powers of attorney, lawsuits and court orders, documents and statements for the commercial register, minutes of the general meeting of shareholders, invoices, adoption documents, etc. In fact, this is decided by the authority where you handle your case.

Does the translation include adaptation to local customs, standards or vocabulary?

Each translation is based on general language standards. Adaptation is part of our proofreading service and is prepared by a native speaker of the language in question. If you wish to adapt the translation to local requirements, please select the revision option when ordering the translation and describe your needs in the comments.


How can I get a free quote for proofreading?

The price of text proofreading varies depending on a number of factors and can be as low as PLN 0.15 per word. The final impact on the price is the language in which the text is written, the type of text and, above all, the length of the text.

Requesting a free quote is simple. All you need to do is use our convenient form. Find out how to do this >>>

Does proofreading mean better translation quality?

Proofreading is a review of the text, which involves a check of grammar in terms of any errors. Its task is also to adapt the text to local customs, standards and vocabulary. This does not improve the quality of the translation, but may be important for the material to be received by the end audience in an easier way.

When is proofreading particularly recommended?

Proofreading is actually essential for business and scientific texts. In the case of business texts, it usually refers to websites, marketing materials, etc. The review of scientific papers involves checking the linguistic correctness of a text prepared for publication in international sources. Revisions and adjustments are made by academic experts in a specific field, such as medicine, physics, etc., for whom the language of translation is their mother tongue.


How much does interpreting cost and how can I get a free quote?

The price of interpreting at depends on a number of factors. The deciding factor is both the language pair, the location, the duration, and whether it is to be consecutive (without equipment) or simultaneous (with equipment, in a booth).

We can provide a free quote for such a service. All you need to do is use our convenient form. Find out how to do this >>>

Can I book an interpreter for a business meeting outside Warsaw?

Yes. We work with translators and interpreters throughout the country and abroad. Remember to include the exact venue details and date on the order form.

Can any translator interpret a meeting at a notary?

No, only sworn translators can translate at a notary.

Do I pay for the interpreter’s travel, meals and hotel?

Travel to the place of interpreting up to 50 km is included in the price per hour of interpreting. Costs not included in the price of the service are accommodation and meals.

What should I enter in the ‘comments’ field?

This is an optional field. You can give us guidance on the topic of conversation or the venue.

Videoconference interpreting

What platforms do you support?

Whatever platform you want to use for your video call, we will help you with translation. In doing so, we prefer solutions that are suitable for translation work and allow the use of the simultaneous method.

Do I need to have any technical knowledge?

You do not need to have any technical knowledge as long as you choose to use our preferred communication platform. We will then be able to configure the tool to translate the conversation using the simultaneous method.

What will the translation process look like?

The process varies depending on the platform on which the video call will be conducted. If simultaneous interpreting is not possible, we will apply the consecutive method. It involves presenting a piece of speech and interrupting it for the time needed for translation.

In doing so, we prefer to work on tools that provide simultaneous interpretation. With their help, the whole process is as follows:

– The interpreter works exclusively in one language pair – e.g. English – German.
– When the English-speaker speaks, the interpreter translates into German on the fly.
– The German-speaking participant hears the speech in two languages: English source at 30% volume, translation into German at 70% volume.

This makes the conversation smooth conversation and uninterrupted. As a result, the video call flows naturally.

Online payments

How do I top up my account in the Customer Account?

At we offer a convenient online payment method. By funding your account, you not only gain the possibility of express order process, but above all you participate in our bonus system. This allows you to benefit from even less expensive translations. Find out how to top up your account in the Customer Account >>>.

What is Przelewy24 and are my payments secure?

Payments at are made by using pre-loaded funds from your account on our website or directly when placing an order. In both cases, transfers are made via the Przelewy24 payment gateway. This way you gain a certainty of the transaction being secure. Find out more about secure payments at >>>.

How does the bonus system work at

When you use our services, you can participate in a bonus system. The only condition is that the order value or top-up amount criterion in the Customer Customer is met. Find out how the bonus system works at >>>.

Are my online payments and data secure?

Certainly!f course! We make sure that your data is stored in accordance with our privacy policy and terms of service. We use the secure and fast online transfer service, Przelewy24. An SSL certificate provides additional protection and confidentiality for electronically transmitted data.

How are payments handled?

Payment for all translation services is made prior to starting the translation process. You can proceed to the payment directly after receiving a quote or top up your customer account in advance and receive a bonus.

How do I get an invoice for my translations?

An invoice will be generated automatically for each order. It is available in your user account from where you can download it at any time.